Strategic Plan 2024

 Legacy Builders Ministries

“Re-Boot 2024”

Strategic transition plan created May 2024

Purpose of this document 

April 22nd 2024 Legacy Builders is voted in a new board of directors and the remaining founding directors resigned effective May 1st 2024 ThIs document is a proposed strategic plan for a transition of Legacy Builders Ministry under this new leadership. We are grateful that the founding members are excited to pass this baton off to us as well as be available to advise us in our transition.

The new board of directors is: James Fish (President), Courtney Zehr (Vice President) Ken Morden (Secretary & Treasurer).  Courtney Zehr was hired as the Executive Director and Beth Zehr was hired as an administrative assistant. The responsibilities to see the strategic plan implemented is upon Courtney Zehr in the role of executive director.

Courtney and Beth Zehr have served with Wycliffe BIble translators for many years and are currently assigned to Moody Aviation through JAARS. The Zehrs are resigning from Wycliffe and will be inviting their partners to move their prayer and financial support to Legacy Builders Ministries. They plan to fulfill their current commitments on loan to Moody aviation as well as launch the vision outlined in this document.

Legacy Builders Ministries has been dormant for the last few years and there was no donations or income at the time of transition. Although Courtney and Beth were hired Legacy Builders Ministries currently does not have the resources to meet the assigned Salaries. For this reason the first Priority is to increase our income so that we meet the vision that God has laid out to us. 

Our Mission Statement

"Rooted in our Christian faith and inspired by 1 Peter 4:10, which says, 'Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.' Our vision at Legacy Builders Ministries is to be a beacon of God's grace in action. We are dedicated to equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and values to nurture their God-given talents, resources, and opportunities to serve others and further God's kingdom on earth. We strive to create communities where biblical stewardship is not just a principle but a living testimony, leaving a legacy of love, compassion, and grace to this generation and those to follow. 

Short version of our mission statement:

 'Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms  1stPeter 4:10,

Our Primary Objectives

Action Plan List

List of things to be accomplished by the executive director, Courtney Zehr by December 2024. Each item will be presented to the Board for approval.

The Need for Sustainable Agriculture Training

Regrettably, the present state of the agricultural sector is far from sustainable. In the United States, the way farming is conducted has resulted in the annual depletion of hundreds of millions of tons of soil, occurring at a rate ten times higher than what is typical. Concurrently, the use of chemical fertilizers has surged significantly in major crops like soy and corn, detrimentally impacting the quality of water and soil in nearby regions. Additionally, the widespread use of pesticides persists in causing harm to the overall health of the land. 

Over the last few years people have been alarmed by supply chain issues, inflation, shutdowns and more. Farming is now under attack by climate activists and there is a move by globalists purchasing large amounts of farmland. As a result there is a tremendous increase of people looking into more self sustainable farming systems. We believe that there is a huge need for Biblically minded stewardship practices related to our food supplies in the developed world. 

In the developing world most people rely on subsistence farming to survive. Millions of people go hungry when in the dry seasons and chemical fertilizers are becoming increasingly expensive and have stripped the soil of microbes and nutrients. When used, sustainable farming techniques have increased yields by 3 to 4 times in the same area of land.  It also becomes less expensive through mulch and self composting. We believe that Jesus’s reresection has broken the curse of poverty. Biblical stewardship training brings about the changes needed for individuals to work with dignity and purpose. Agricultural and stewardship training transforms poverty into abundance.

Both the developed and developing countries will benefit from Biblical stewardship farming models.

The Training / Demonstration farm

The demonstration farm will incorporate multiple farming techniques and have facilities for training small groups. The plan is to initially develop the 8.8 acre farm owned by Courtney and Beth Zehr located near Spokane Washington. This can be done through leasing options at normal business rates. We have a funding project to purchase our own property to house the demonstration Farm.

Investigate partnering with Moody Aviation in Spokane. They are interested in adding a missionary farming degree program. 

Overseas Training Centers

As this is being developed in Spokane we are also moving forward with developing a training center in Malawi Africa. This will be done through partnership with The Source Malawi. A prioritized action plan will be developed considering the following Key Elements.

A Few Key Elements to Sustainable Farming:

Fundraising and Financial Plan Elements

The following elements will be considered in the development of our Financial Sustainability Plan

Donations: Courtney will be inviting his current financial and prayer partners to transfer to Legacy Builders. His first role will be Partnership Development through churches, individuals and like minded Christian and agricultural organizations. A donor management system will be implemented along with a monthly newsletter.

Grants: private foundations and government grants in the agriculture sector will be studied and sought.

Training Fees: As we begin modular training on the demonstration farm we can charge trainees for the class. Sales for non profit ministries are very limited and must meet the legal requirements.

Fundraising Events: Organize fundraising events that highlight the connection between faith, stewardship, and agriculture. Examples include harvest festivals, farm-to-table dinners, or educational workshops.

International Resources: As we develop in other countries we will look for partnerships with international ministries and government aid programs.

Merchandise: Merchandise promoting the ministry can be sold through the website and social media platforms. 

Promotional Videos: A consistent video educational channel will be developed and maintained on our website and various social media platforms.

Business Ownership: Part of our strategic financial plan is to develop businesses to support our ministry. As a non-profit we are limited in what we can do in terms of business when operating directly under our non-profit entity. However a non-profit entity can own a for profit business. Profits from these businesses can go to the nonprofits ministry. Our goal is to own successful businesses that both provide good jobs and fully support our administration expenses. This will allow all donations to the ministry to go 100% to our projects.  Many nonprofits use a percentage of donations to cover administrative expenses.

Compliance and Integrity: In all aspects we will be in compliance with all laws and regulations as well as adhere to best practices. We will establish transparency and have 3rd party auditors invited into every aspect of our operations.

Funding needs Estimations

Below are the estimated funds needed to meet the vision laid out in this strategic plan.

Monthly needed administrative staffing: $300,000 annually

Demonstration / Training Farm: $2,0000,000 complete startup

Malawi Training Center: $100,000 complete startup

Giving Thanks

We are grateful to have this vision laid on our hearts and eager to work towards these goals. It is a big vision and will only be accomplished through the moving of our God on the hearts of partners. Since we have seen His faithfulness in our lives in so many ways and the sense that this vision is His leading, We are giving Him praise and thanks for what He will do!