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2 Focuses - Developed & Developing

We are all about training individuals and trainers. Our goal is to make self sustaining centers that do not rely on outside donations to operate long term. We use our funds to purchase land, build infrastructure and train individuals. Once a training center is up and running we provide assistance and advice as needed. Beside sustainable agriculture we train in business fundamentals and Biblical stewardship principles relating to complete management of the training centers. The details for each training center are determined by the cultural and political context where they are located. The training includes all aspects of Biblical stewardship with a special focus on sustainable agriculture, clean water and sanitation as well as character development.

The Developing World Strategy: Areas with higher levels of poverty have the biggest need for this training. "We believe that God has given us a means to end generational poverty,  poverty stems from a stewardship problem, not a lack of resources. Legacy Builders trains and equips community leaders and partners to teach others how to manage their lives and finances according to established biblical stewardship principles. Globally, individuals are escaping an poverty by learning to utilize the resources they already have." We are targeting the poorest areas which have the highest needs. These places are currently not able to have enough food through out the year. Many places run out of food stores before the next harvest.  Teaching some basic substance farming strategies is transformational, changing individuals from a life of poverty to a life of generosity.  

Our first location is in Malawi Africa where we are partnering with The Source Malawi. We do not operate these training centers ourselves but are a resource to local training centers. We are coaches and consultants to help them be self sustainable in there cultural context.

The Developed World Strategy: The developed world is filled with more economic resources. Here we focus more on training cross cultural workers to be sent to the developing world. This is done at our headquarters in Spokane Washington where we run a demonstration and training center. We are currently in talks with a Christian College to partner with us in a sustainable agriculture degree program.  Besides training overseas workers we also provide community training for homesteaders or any individual in the community wanting to garden and or raise animals. A lot of this training to the community is conducted by the students.  This training center is being developed now and will include several greenhouses. This will include heated tropical greenhouses, animal husbandry training, market garden training, composting, aquaponics and hydroponics systems and much more.

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Board of Directors and Employees

James Fish

Board: President 

Courtney Zehr

Board: Vice President 

Executive Director

Kenny Morden

Board: Secretary / Treasurer

Beth Zehr

Ministry Director

Transitioning Leadership & Vision "Reboot 2024"

Legacy Builders Ministries has launched "Reboot 2024" The baton has been past to a new generation to run the next leg of the race laid out before us. The new board of directors has added a new focus  on sustainable agriculture training to meet our vision of Biblical stewardship.  See how we plan to get there: strategic plan 2024.

Our History

Legacy Builders Ministries was originally formed in 2015. More details to come soon.